Friday, 21 April 2017

Back the Gravel Pit...

0515 - 0730 bright, clear sky with some cloud, cool

A few days away from had to get out there this morning to see what has been happening on site....

Warbler count:

Nightingale 10
Blackcap 19
Whitethroat 17
Chiffchaff 28
Willow Warbler 9
Lesser Whitethroat 6
Cettis Warbler 1

There are also Sedge Warbler and Reed Warbler on site...I missed the arrival of the latter, but DH said he heard one on I will use this date as their arrival.

A Cuckoo was quite distantly north again.  A few Stock Dove were round the site too.

After my gravel pit warbler extravaganza I headed over to Tonbridge where I had been given some instructions by MG to last....Little Owl....and indeed...even in the tree he said it would be....hooray....several trips out to try to find this bird and this was easier than an easy thing...but great to find one....and MG has sent over a photo taken today....excellent...

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